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Some Kind Of Trouble - James Blunt (Full Album) (by Brendlam)


Well Proven Chair, by rcacollective2012 (James Shaw, Marjan van Aubel)
This chair derives its brutal and anarchic appearance from an ethos of resourcefulness. Understanding that there is 50% to 80% of timber wastage during normal manufacturing, van Aubel and Shaw looked at ways of incorporating waste shavings into the design.
When the shavings are mixed with bio-resin, a curious chemical reaction occurs- expanding it into foam. Coloured dye and various-sized shavings from different workshop machines are added to the mixture to create a colourful, lightweight, mouldable material that is reinforced by hardwood fibers. 
The porridge-like mixture was slapped on to the shell of a chair by hand; building up the material wherever extra strength was required. The mixture then foamed explosively to create its own exuberant form and anchored by the simple turned legs of American ash.



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A Way of Life…by @natura #life #natura #barcelona


POP-UP VIENNA | Hector Serrano

Pop-up Vienna is a collection of Vienna landmarks made of thin brass sheet metal with a silver finish. The souvenir comes packed flat; once opened, it is simple and fun to build the landmarks by lifting the walls. This makes the product not only a souvenir, but an experience too. The souvenirs are produced through acid etching, an ancient process that has evolved into a modern manufacturing technique. This, in combination with the unique idea of building your own Vienna, represents two sides of Vienna: an exciting contemporary city with a rich historical heritage. A recognizable and authentic Viennese souvenir with a twist.

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"There is  No Beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness” Mahatma Gandhi
My Little Aura now featured on Fab.Fab.comRecycled and Upcycled clothing for the boho baby and trendy toddler. Your child will at once be eco-conscientious and earth-friendly when wearing these 100% organic goods from My Little Aura. Getting your kids dressed was never so fulfilling. 
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My Little Princess Leia by Mari Kasurinen (Spippo)